Access Control Solutions by CMVision.

Know in Real-Time Your Facilities: Who, What, When, and Where!


CMVision puts the power of security in your hands. Our user friendly physical and electronic access control solutions are cloud based and flexible. Our systems are easily integrated with security cameras, alarms, fire alarm, parking garages, gates, and overhead doors. You can easily manage the system using a computer, smart phone, or a tablet. With fast reporting, you will be able to retrieve audit data in case of an event, and track real-time entry/exit by employees, visitors or departments.

The Benefits of a Nexlar Access Control System

  • Restrict unauthorized entry
  • Prevent employees access to sensitive areas
  • Easy Facility-Lockdown-Function for security threat events
  • Intuitive remote system management
  • Smartphone and Tablet compatible
  • Schedule Doors
  • Streamline visitor check-in
  • Preforms analysis/reporting on visitors and data
  • Overall security enhancement
  • Generate detailed traffic reports
  • Manage Multiple location effortlessly
Biometric Access Control

Let us unleash the future of access control. Use a CMVision Security solution to easily track, in real-time, employees or visitors with the most innovative solution in the security industry. Facial, Iris, fingerprint, and fingervein options are available to ensure total protection.

Hosted and Managed Access Control

CMVision Security’s team of experts can manage how and when your building can be accessed, allowing you to focus on business. Our integrated web based applications will provide a, “Access Control Monitoring Software”, which gives you the power to view and manage all necessary reports and configurations from a single location. Additionally, the access control system can be set to send instant notifications of security events.

Physical Access control - Security and Parking Gates

Whether you’re looking for a parking gate, or a security gate, we can help. We can even integrate the new gate or gates with your current access control solution. Or with one of the many access control solutions we offer. CMVision can make entering your facility easy by installing a windshield entry tag system – Learn more by watching our videos below.

Security Cameras – The boss is always watching

We are security cameras and security integration experts. Our solutions are designed with your business in mind. Our goal is to provide you with maximum ROI. Surveillance systems can be integrated with your smart devices to allow remote viewing. We offer an array of surveillance solutions. 

Intrusion Detection – The boss is always in

The power of security at your fingertips – Nexlar makes security easy. Our intrusion detection systems are flexible and designed with your needs in mind. Whether you are a small business or large enterprise we can help. With our systems you will know if there is an issue as soon as it happens ensure your business always secure and maximizing your ROI.

Security Integration – and other Services

CMVision loves security integration and the many possibilities of making your life easier and your business more profitable. Our systems are designed with you ROI in mind. We offer many services that can help you save time, increase productivity and make money. We work with closely to ensure your goals your goals met.

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