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In today’s economy, the worse things get the lower morale gets and the higher the crime level becomes. Businesses become an easy target for criminals because they know they will be empty during off-hours and may gamble on the fact that some companies still do not invest in proper site surveillance. Those businesses become easy targets with high value office equipment. Sometimes a simple installation of a camera inside and outside the door may aid in discouraging such acts, but unless somebody is monitoring the surveillance feed around the clock to watch for unusual activity it may be a waste of money. 

C&M Vision offers a total security solution to aid with those issues. We can design, engineer and retrofit a state-of-the-art security system to fit any client’s specifications, needs or budgets. We have single HD IP camera options for a small business, multi-camera CCTV with DVR options or we can integrate your existing camera system with our monitoring services. C&M Vision offers live video burglar alarm-triggered monitoring services using our own fully-integrated Command Center. We also offer archiving which allows for data reviewing to check for past incidents and remote client monitoring so clients can view their property anytime, anywhere.

C&M Vision works with various law enforcement agencies by providing streaming live video or by descriptions of an actual perpetrator/incident on a site for ID/arrest purposes. We monitor sites for any client specified parameters such as unusual activity; theft, fire, trespassers, or even unauthorized workers on site. All video, still shots and logs are time-stamped as well. This can aid a client with potential liability or internal “shrinkage” issues.


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